Hard water causes hair thinning, hair fall, itchy skin and dry scalp. It causes scaling in pipes and restricts water flow, white spots on taps/basins and bathroom fittings and reduces life of washing machines & water heaters. It results in high repairs and replacement of appliances and increases power costs at homes.

Soft water is great for our hair and skin. It does not form white spots on floors and fittings, reduces damage to household appliances, and ensures smooth flow of water in the taps/showers. It is effective in laundry of fabrics and clothes look better and last longer. It is also great for gardens and pets as well.

Aqua Scale is a salt-free softener which alters the properties of Calcium & Magnesium ions present in water such that they lose the tendency to form insoluble carbonates and phosphates. This way they cannot form scaling and are carried away with the water flow.

Aqua Scale is a salt-free softener which requires no salt or power consumption. The installation is extremely simple and quick as no plumbing/piping is required unlike other softeners. The product is very compact (size of a water bottle) and does not waste water or any chemicals.  No manpower is required to monitor or service the product at all.

Aqua Scale is a fit and forget device. Installation takes just 5 minutes and there is no service required thereafter. It works on zero salt, zero power and zero manpower. Hence it is zero maintenance and zero operating cost product. As chemical is food-grade, water is safe for domestic consumption. It is highly effective in protecting the RO membranes in water purifiers at homes.

Aqua Scale has a life of 6-8 months after first use. It depends on the water consumption at homes and varies accordingly. However, we suggest the configuration as per average water consumption during purchase. The products are replaced with same configuration of new modules after life is over.

Aqua Scale is installed in the overhead/underground tank at homes. We usually recommend the installing at the first point of storage where bore well water enters the storage tank. Installation takes 5 mins, rope attached to product is tied to the top of the lid of the tank such that product stays full immersed in water. Rope can be used to retrieve the product, if required. Quick & Easy!

Aqua Scale is the most affordable water softener in India. It is innovative, compact, maintenance-free and sustainable product. It is designed for local hard water quality after passing several laboratory tests on actual water samples. The results can be visually proven and performance has been outstanding as per our clients!

Most salt –based or electro-magnetic softeners do not work consistently, especially after few months in operations. Aqua Scale can be a value-addition or a complete replacement for existing softeners. If you already have invested in a softener, no worries! Aqua Scale works perfectly well with other softeners, hence offering you dual – step filtration for purer and cleaner water.

We shall need the number of permanent residents and applications of water at your home. Once obtained, we can suggest you the exact configuration of Aqua Scale required and the cost for the same. We believe in giving customised solutions to our clients to suit their actual water consumption, ensuring it is just the right package- no less/no more.  Kindly fill our inquiry form!


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